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Yamba BBQ Boat Hire currently operate a number of boats including 3 six seater cuddy cab runabouts, 2 eight seater, 2 ten seater and 2 twelve seater BBQ pontoon boats.


Our pontoon boats are built with a flat deck so there is hardly any rocking.

All you need

BBQ, shade, cushioned seating a toilet and more

Yamba BBQ Boat Hire

Yamba BBQ Boat Hire currently runs various hire vessels from Yamba Marina ranging from 6 person 17ft runabouts to large 12 seater BBQ pontoon boats on the mighty Clarence River. With almost 100 chartered islands it is the second largest river in Australia and with over 400km of pristine water from the source to sea.

Yamba’s seafood is famous and comes from the fabulous Clarence river, hire one of our 6 person runabouts or one of the 8, 10 or 12 seated BBQ pontoon boats and catch it yourself. All pontoon boats come with: a BBQ to cook any fish caught (or bought), table with cushioned seating great for a family lunch, a toilet for that long day fishing, fuel, rod holders on the 8 & 12 seaters, bucket, life jackets, first aid kit, torch and other emergency equipment, as well as spacious room to move about under a large roof shielding from the sun or other weather. An esky for that cold beer and all those caught fish is provided as well as utensils for the BBQ chef to cook with.

Our pontoon boats are built with a flat deck so there is hardly any rocking at all, this is great boat for newbies or people who may get sea sick normally in other boats. Due to the flat floor and railing around the entire deck area with a gate it is safe for kids to move around freely and it is also wheel chair accessible.

Our boats are great for the young, middle aged, the young at heart, the fishing pros, fishing newbies, swimmers, picnics or just a good old cheese platter with wine.

Also, no boating licence required!

Yamba BBQ Boat Hire

Yamba Marina

3 Yamba Road

Yamba NSW 2464

Phone: 0403 677 187